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Introducing Dr. Marlene:

I’m Dr. Marlene McMillan. As a young person, I had a lot of opportunities to learn about different things. My mother loved people and always looked for the good in people. She would try to see their possibilities. I try to follow her model today. I look for the ideas that people base their lives on and discern the premises behind their thinking. I get great joy out of seeing light bulbs go off in their mind.

I enjoy reading, so it makes sense to write books. As a child in early elementary school, I could not believe that they had a rule that you could only check out 30 books per week. I could read those in a few days and then my mother would buy me books or I would get some from the school library. I was, and still am, constantly looking for new books.

I love book TV because I really enjoy getting to know the author. My favorite book is the Bible because it promises you in the first few verses of Revelation that you can get to know the author.

I like meeting authors and people who are productive and capable. As an adult, I got married, went to seminary, and had 7 children that I homeschooled. As they have become young adults, I get to enjoy their differences.

Today, I speak and teach and travel. I teach about the power of your words, the power of ideas, and the power of forgiveness. I am considered an overcomer by those who know me because of the tragedies in my life. I learned to press into the Lord and stand on God’s word when all else failed.

Now I have the opportunity to share my blessings with other people. I create products and do speaking, teaching, radio and TV interviews. All of my life I have been part of a family that loved liberty. In fact, all my teachings have liberty foundation, whether I am teaching on business, marketing, or branding.

Many people ask how those subjects relate to liberty. As I taught study groups for over 20 years, homeschooled my children and worked on my doctorate, I developed a philosophy of education and of life. (Philosophy means “why?”) I was allowed to be curious as a child, allowed to experiment, allowed to meet people of many different backgrounds and talents and find out the things that interested them.

It was natural for me to become interested in many different things. I discovered that the more you learn, the more you find out what you don’t know. You find out that there is a much bigger world out there.

My interest and understanding grew and matured in the area of Liberty. I am billed as “America’s expert on the Principles of Liberty.” Those Principles of Liberty are universal. They work anywhere in the world in any economic climate. In any situation, those principles stand no matter what the circumstances are. (That is one of the ways in which you know if something is a principle or just a great idea.)

In the process of all of that, I found out that as great as it is to have all of this wealth of information, I needed to be able to serve more people. Other people needed to know this information also and I needed to be able to serve more than just those that were coming to my study groups or those that I could reach through getting tapes out to them.

That meant that I had to overcome my terrible dislike for the marketing and the commercialism and all of the negative ideas I had related to that. Someone I greatly respect said to me, “If you have something important to share with the world, and you refuse to share it, then you are stealing from the people who would have benefited from it.” That conversation went deep down inside of me and I realized that I had a responsibility to share what I knew with the world.

I realized that by not knowing marketing and branding, I was not only hurting myself and my children, I was hurting the people who would benefit from what I had to offer. That set me on a trek to learn about marketing and branding so I could share with you what you will find and this and our other sites. You will see that they are all the same philosophy, they are just taught in a way that illustrates how that philosophy applies to a particular subject. They are practical and they are simple. They are things that you can carry with you from one application to another.

So even if you learn the principles of Liberty, it applies to how you run your business. If you learn the principles of the Kingdom, it applies to every area of life. It applies to how you raise your children, it applies to what kind of person you are on the job - whether you are an entrepreneur or whether you are the best employee that the company ever had.

What you will find is that all ideas have consequences. The power of ideas is more powerful than anything else in the world. So be careful what ideas you embrace. My passion is to dispel erroneous beliefs that are keeping people poor. I like to engage audiences by teaching the concept of cause-to-effect through simple illustrations and explanations made personally applicable to daily life. I love controversial discussions that open the door to new thinking. Let’s have a conversation soon!